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Akasha System - Vague Response


Synthwave / Outsider House

100% Silk

I am a total sucker for chillwave and synthwave music. Analog and digital synth pads, simple drum machine loops, warbling bass grooves, bell tone arps — I love it all. As far as downtempo electronic music goes, it’s hard to beat a good synthwave album — and judging by the resurgence of 80’s nostalgia, especially the score to the Netflix show Stranger Things, there’s a big demand for this kind of chillbeat music that stretches beyond the underground electronic scene. Akasha System provide a solid template for how to master this particular style. With six tracks that barely scrape past the 30-minute mark, Vague Response will scratch your synthwave itch. Reverb-drenched auxiliary percussion pleasantly accompanies simple house drum patterns and bass lines. A perfect soundtrack to a sunrise or sunset.

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