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Breakbot - Still Waters


Nu-Disco / Synth Pop

Ed Banger Records

From the opening synth strings and drum machine loop of Back for More all the way through to the closing title track, Still Waters shows Breakbot giving a masterclass on how to combine the best parts of Eurodisco into contemporary synth pop and R&B, resulting in a great big record of warm, glistening nu-disco. Male and female vocals trade off from song to song, resulting in a string of increasingly catchy dancefloor anthems, slickly produced and performed and incorporating synth funk, electro pop, and French disco. Melodies are sickly sweet and catchy as Hell, percussion is simple and efficient, and those synth leads and basses bubble and swell all around without becoming overbearing. You’ll have a hard time finding a catchier pop record released in 2016.

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