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Dave Douglas - Dark Territory


Jazz / Downtempo

Greenleaf Records

Dave Douglas is an avant-garde trumpet player and composer who has been releasing interesting nu jazz albums since the early 90’s. Over the years his sound has touched on everything from upbeat bop to experimental soundscapes. Dark Territory is his second album with the High Risk ensemble featuring electronic musician Shigeto, and falls firmly into the latter category. Shigeto provides shifting electronic backbeats and sonic undercurrents for Douglas to improvise over, giving the whole endeavor an acid-soaked vibe closer to experimental electronica than contemporary jazz. The performances are live in studio and incorporate the lurching basslines of Jonathan Maron and the scattered drumming (both acoustic and electronic) of Mark Guiliana. There are shades of 70’s era Miles in the dark modal jazz on display here, but the inclusion of Shigeto results in some truly unique atmospheres.

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