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El Guincho - Hiperasia


Glitch Pop / Psychedelic Pop

Nacional Records

With his 2008 debut album Alegranza, Pablo Diaz-Reixa crafted a sample-heavy, neo-psychedelic pop record that drew endless comparisons to the bubbly freak pop of Animal Collective. Hiperasia, on the other hand, draws instead from contemporary R&B and trap music and filters it through glitchy, spastic hi-hat grooves, neon synth pads, and wonky auto-tune. It’s a serious about-face, and it finds El Guincho coming into his own as a unique voice in modern independent electronic. Supposedly inspired by a visit to a Chinese bazaar in Madrid, Hiperasia indeed conveys the feeling of a bustling festival, with synth stabs and jittery percussion assaulting the listener from all angles. The music video for Comix is also pretty spectacular.

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