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Inter Arma - Paradise Gallows


Sludge / Doom Metal

Relapse Records

Paradise Gallows is a monolith of a record. Incorporating elements of sludge metal, psychedelic rock, death, doom, and black metal over a whopping 70+ minutes, casual rock listeners may find the endurance test too much to bear. Those who stick with it, though, will reap the plentiful rewards to be had, as these epic numbers will crush and bludgeon your senses into a fine, pulpy paste. Guitars bleed and cringe with dissonant and crushing riffs over martial drumbeats, with the occasional cymbal and double bass onslaught. Reverb-drenched shrieks and growls provide another level of heaviness to the massive, sludgy wall of sound that permeates every track. The pace can shift from glacial to frantic without warning. This is some seriously excellent extreme metal.

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