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Oransii Pazuzu - Varahteliji


Black Metal / Psychedelic Rock

Svart Records / 20 Buck Spin

Dark guitar riffing, extended jams, weird soundscapes — Oransii Pazuzu do psychedelic black metal better than most. Over an hour and ten minutes, Varahteliji incorporates everything from brutal Deathspell Omega-style black metal riff workouts, unsettling noise and drone interludes, psych guitar freakouts, and dark ambient passages, resulting in a truly unique metal record that rewards complete immersion. While the argument can be made that the overall mood and tone of the album somewhat supersedes the strength of the individual arrangements (which, admittedly, rely on a jam-based approached), the sheer magnitude and scope of the record when taken as a whole is impossible to deny. The gradual percussive buildup of Lahja is a highlight, and the 17-minute behemoth Vasemman Kaden Hierarkia is a true wonder, incorporating every facet of their sound into one monstrous track.

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