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Roosevelt - s/t


Synth Pop / Chillwave

City Slang

The resurgence of synth pop into the popular music lexicon has been both a blessing and a curse, as many diverse artists have put their hands into the pot with varying degrees of success. Both Cut Copy and Delorean, two groups who came out of the gate strong a few years ago with stellar examples of contemporary electro pop, have drifted a bit lately into forgettable ghosts of their once powerful selves, opening the gates for a new guard to break through. Marius Lauber, under the guise Roosevelt, has both the production chops and an ease with catchy hooks to absolutely nail this sound, and his self-titled debut full length is a joyous ride through a dozen or so major key synth funk, Balearic beat, tropical house, and chillwave bangers. HIs voice can still use a little work, as his limited range means the vocal melodies aren’t quite as expansive as the best in the business, but the vibe is totally in the pocket. It’s damn near impossible to put this record on and not want to get up and start dancing to its mid-tempo groovy lushness.

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